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It's considered the most haunted spot in Illinois. This was a … The Congress Plaza Hotel, or just ‘The Congress,’ was built around 1893 for the World’s Fair in Chicago. Congress Hotel Chicago Haunted Room 441 We Stayed 2 Nights. It should come as no surprise whatsoever that the hotel is a hub of paranormal activity if you have taken a look at the hotel… But the biggest scare is saved for the 12th floor, where there is said to be a room so frightening that the door was fastened shut from the outside. What’s great about the Congress Hotel, one of the most haunted in Chicago, is you can go there, rent a room and stay the night. That place is definately haunted. Guests report seeing the same thing: the shadowy outline of a woman. They actually host a Haunted Halloween Ball at the Congress at 520 Michigan Avenue. In room 441. Haunted level 8 – North Tower. Visitors have often reported seeing the silhouette of a woman as well as objects in the room move, or lights turning on and off at random. February 16, 2013 Jacob Rice. One of the hotel's most famous apparitions is Peg Leg Johnny, the ghost of a hobo who was murdered there. Two friends disappear while filming a ghost hunt at the notoriously haunted Congress Plaza Hotel, ... Room 441 (2020) TMDb Score. A security guy took me in the grand hall and al capones room. The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center: Haunted? We decided to take a break to calm down, and then we slithered down to the most notoriously haunted room in the ENTIRE hotel: room 441. North tower 12th floor makes you feel like someome is pushing in on ur chest and you feel dizzy just walking. Guests have reported that Room #441 is one of the most haunted and that you can see a shadowy figure of a woman inside it. ... Room 441 Congress Hotel Room Mates Hotels Rooms Boutique Hotel Jb Rooms Hotel Manchester Rooms Inn Hotel Newcastle Rules Safe San Sands Santa Fe Luxury Hotels Savoy Savoy Hotel Rooms Scene Screening The most haunting, however, takes place in Room 441. Also went to the 12th floor north and nothing haunted there either but a really old hallway.. Our room 441 was huge and creepy the curtains are quite scary lol. We did have some paranormal experiences on this hunt. Inside the Gold Room at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Congress Plaza Hotel Room 441 2018 World S Best Hotels. I had to stop a few times. 1 - Congress Plaza Hotel Book a Room Without any doubt, the most haunted hotel in Chicago, IL has to be The Congress Plaza Hotel – known simply as ‘The Congress’ to locals. Upon inspection by guards or other members of staff, the room is completely empty and quiet. It was built over 100 years ago, becoming The Congress Plaza Hotel in 1908. According to Choose Chicago, the destination marketing organization for Chicago, Room 441 is one of the most requested rooms at Congress Plaza because it’s rumored to be the most haunted… Security is called there more than any other room. The haunted floors in this hotel are 4, 8, and 12. The Florentine Room is a popular spot for weddings and parties that go late in the night. ... room 875 congress plaza hotel chicago • room 875 - congress plaza hotel chicago • Sure enough: some websites and blogs dubbed the Congress Plaza Hotel "The Most Haunted Hotel in Chicago". Anyways that place is definately haunted. In its prime it would have been a stunning and majestic hotel. Not to be outdone, the ghost of a boy also reportedly haunts the Congress. Congress Plaza Hotel. ... We also walked past "Room 441". Don't book room number 441 if you plan to stay at the Congress; security is called there than any other room. There have been a lot of reports of unexplained noises coming from the hotel ballroom. At least nine presidents have stayed at the Congress including both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. Inside Gold Room – Congress Hotel – Ghost Hunt Inside Gold Room – Congress Hotel – Ghost Hunt. The Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago harbors chilling secrets, like the mysterious sealed-off room on the 12th floor, and is full of strange, unexplained … Guests have called the front desk to complain about a figure standing near the foot of the bed and jarring them awake with some “kicking” and “banging”. The creepiest floor is the 12th in the north tower, back staircase by the sealed room is very scary to the roof. - See 3,407 traveller reviews, 1,625 candid photos, and great deals for The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center at Tripadvisor. The Congress Hotel in Chicago has been housing travelers since the days of the Wold Fair back in the 1890's. The room is known to house a spirit that belonged to a female. The Congress Plaza Hotel has a long history with the paranormal. Security is called there more than any other room. Hotel staff have reported sightings of a ghost with one leg in the south tower. The Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago is home to a number of haunted tales. Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago Room 441 … If you ever find yourself staying at the hotel, avoid room 441. The room is even believed to be the inspiration Stephen King’s horror story, 1408 , about a haunted hotel room. Room 441 is notorious as the most haunted room in the hotel, bring a oujia board. INVESTIGATORS PRESENT Cyndi, Madeline CONDITIONS Waxing Gibbous Moon. Congress Plaza Hotel. These days the old girl is a little rough around the edges and is in need of a major overhaul. Rates for rooms are not outrageous and you can spend as much time as you want to catch pictures of ghosts. It has seen a lot in its almost 130 years of existence. Guests who've stayed overnight in the hotel's most haunted room, Room 441, have reportedly been awakened by an evil spirit kicking them in the night. He was awesome. Room 441 is said to receive more calls of the spooky variety than any other room. If you ever find yourself staying at the hotel, avoid room 441. I LOVE Congress hotel. I stayed on the 25th with my family. Congress Hotel Ghosts Just The Facts Mysterious Chicago Tours. This was a … When checking into the hotel we requested the most haunted room, Room 441. Some … … I have always felt a weird connection with this hotel but can't quite put my finger on it. Even ghost experts have declared that the most haunted spot in the hotel is Room 441, where a female ghost has said to kick visitors from their slumber from the foot of the bed. The Congress Plaza has seen better days. Arriving at the haunted Congress Plaza Hotel, a pair of friends decide to go ghost -hunting to finally prove the existence of the afterlife but as they get closer to discovering something in their search the more they realize the stories of its haunted past were true all along.

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