diversity in environmentalism

Benesch has noticed that, in the past, the journal has been economically focused, and she aims to broaden the journal’s horizons by adding more indigenous perspectives to the discussion. This results in “no connection between an environmental paradigm and their lives.”. In 2015, only 2.9 percent of students awarded a degree in environmental engineering nationwide were black. “I think that initial day is also kind of telling—that fear of, ‘I’m just going to be learning how to be a white savior’; that’s not what I came here for,” she adds. Graduate Workers Went on Strike Without Union Authorization. Diversity provides a bespoke environmental consultancy service enabling clients to fulfil their project aspirations whilst protecting and improving the natural environment. The culinary delight that is wild salmon: podcast episodes Wild salmon are crucial to our ecosystem—and pretty tasty, too. Diversity in the environmental field has fallen behind diversity of the nation: “In 1990, when we looked at the major environmental organizations, less than 2 percent of the staff were people of color. However, later on in the semester, Mishra explains that the course delved more into race and how race can be a determinant of health. Tropical or temperate forests, grasslands, hot and cold deserts, wetlands, rivers, mountains, and coral reefs are instances of ecosystem diversity. In early October, Barnard Student Government Association Vice President for Policy Alicia Simba expressed this concern at a Barnard SGA meeting with Divest Barnard, which spurred a discussion about the lack of diversity in the activist group. Ambria Benesch, a junior at Barnard studying environmental policy and political science, has had a more typical experience working at an environmental group that is severely lacking in diversity. As I spoke with students about the future of the environmental movement, this notion of community action and involvement arose frequently. The privilege one must possess to even focus on environmental issues is another major factor that contributes to the lack of racial diversity in these movements and disciplines. It doesn’t make logical sense that conservation of our standard of living in the […], The environment-economy dichotomy dominates all climate discussions. Stop to think about that for a second. One is the environmental movement’s advocacy of, as Platzer puts it, “Save the whales. Her background in sustainability includes working with non-traditional allies to promote old-growth forest conservation, producing podcasts on sustainability, and delivering bike mechanics workshops to women and people of colour. The academic journal, run by Columbia undergraduates, is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks to bring together a wide range of focuses on sustainable development. Scrolling through WE ACT’s team page, I am met with a flood of visible racial diversity—diversity I could not see when I chose to explore the executive teams of two other environmental NGOs, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club, at random. She notices the importance of empowering indigenous roles, and believes Consilience can be a platform to expand the discourse surrounding sustainable development. However, in Platzer’s experiences, environmental science lectures and textbooks’ examples tend to focus on white skin. In the past, Benesch notes, “there has been a total exclusion of people of color, especially black and indigenous people, from any discussion about environmental [issues].”. Platzer’s vision goes even further than community empowerment, claiming that the entire philosophy of sustainability needs to shift as well. In almost every Western country, climate change has become a battle between the left and the right. I picked up a copy […]. The current focus on buying more energy-efficient light bulbs, for example, simply furthers consumerism, which is a major reason why climate change is an issue in the first place. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources for Environmental Education Professionals and Students. “We’re a very diverse organization ourselves, which is definitely not something that you see in environmental movements in general,” Roundtree says, explaining that the organization attempts to stray from the idea that “the environment is a playground for elites.”.

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