black and decker ht22 vs beht350

The BEHT350 is, overall, the best electric hedge trimmer we have seen on the market, at a reasonable price​, and ​is​ up to ​almost all domestic tasks, Black+Decker make several electric hedge trimmers of a very similar design. For more about how to select from the different types of. No matter how ​mighty the trimmer is, if you are not comfortable holding it, your trimming tasks will surely be affected negatively. However, the extra weight & higher cost are enough to put us off this model. Electric Shrub and Hedge Trimmer Houzz. 18 in. The 24-inch pre-hardened and rust-resistant dual-action, steel cutting blades can cut branches up to ¾ of an inch thick, and they are designed to stay sharp for long term cutting, and they can cut branches faster and easier with minimal vibration. Features 4.0 AMP Motor - For the power required to trim tough overgrowth Up to 5/8 Cut Capacity - For fast cutting of hedges and shrubs 22 Dual-Action Hardened Steel Blade - Durable long-life blade for a clean cut with up to 40% less vibration Full Wrap Around Handle - … The Toro trimmer does feel like it may be slightly better made compared to the Greenworks model. Read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them. Buy Black and Decker HT22 Type-1 Other tools in Black and Decker Electric Trimmers category at lowest online prices - Find Black and Decker HT22 Type-1 tool diagram / schematic with complete list of replacement parts at The Black+Decker BEHT350 is the best overall choice in our opinion. Therefore, long​ blades are advised for larger ​yards, but not for small area​s. Extension leads are designed to carry a certain amount of current (electrical power) over a certain distance. These trimmers are environment friendly as well. Hi Randy, Thank you for your question. Features and Specifications: Manufacturer: Black & Decker Outdoor Product Dimensions: 36×7.7×7.1 inches Shipping Weight: 6.4 pounds Ideal for trimming of … I need a Black and Decker battery for a HPB18-OPE. Not Necessarily, The Worx WG800 Isn’t a Shears for Everybody, 3 Embers Grill Review- 4 Burner Grill Growing in Popularity, Z Grills Review- Z Grills vs Traeger Pellet Grills, Traeger Grills vs Weber Grills- Taste from a Traeger Pro Series…. ​Early hedge trimmers had ​one fixed blade and ​one moving blade. -Some users find having to maintain squeeze on the trigger a bit annoying or tiresome after a certain period, but it’s a much safer mechanism. Ranging from 13 to 30 inches in size, the length of the blade is crucial if you are looking for efficiency. These issues prevent us from rating the 2200102 higher. Narrow teeth spacing are suitable for thin and dainty branches. The lock off button can be released after the unit begins running. The handle is large enough to accommodate gloves. This versatile hedge trimmer handles bush and shrub trimming chores without the aching work of handled trimmers. Also, operating hours are solely dependent on the user and not the fuel; you can work for as long as you want. The workhorse of the available electric hedge trimmers, this is the replacement for the old HT22, which had been our top pick since 2014. Black+Decker make several electric hedge trimmers of a very similar design. This 22-inch Electric Hedge Trimmer is perfect for trimming large hedges, bushes, and shrubs. The trimmer also stops immediately when you let go of the trigger, meaning if... An electric model is very easy to start, compared to a gas hedge trimmer – all you have to do is pull the trigger and you’re ready to start hedge trimming. CJ. The stainless steel blades should stay sharp for many seasons without maintenance. The BLACK+DECKER BEHT350 22" Electric Hedge Trimmer features a 22 in. However, we can't recommend this model as it's significantly more expensive than the proven Black+Decker and Toro models. In our opinion the 22" model is the sweet spot in the range - extremely light weight at 5.07lb, the most powerful corded hedge trimmer in the Black+Decker range, and very reasonably priced. One difference to expect from this newer model, is that the lock-on button has been removed. Plus, with its lightweight design and full wrap-around handle, it offers greater comfort and control. Head over here for the latest cordless hedge trimmer reviews. the ‘dual’, are activated when cutting, whereas single action blades only have one blade when in motion. Electric Hedge Trimmer. This video from Black + Decker shows the trimmer in a bit more detail: Black & Decker are part of the Stanley Black & Decker company, formed by the merger of Stanley and Black & Decker in 2010. Currently you can buy these models in 16",17",18",20",22" and 24" blade lengths. It has a 4.0 amp motor for trimming branches up to 3/4 in. If you bought it from, their returns center should be able to help you – Thanks, […] are a lot of different types of electric hedge trimmers out there, so we have decided to break it down and discuss the different types, what type of garden […], […] most cost-effective choice, electric hedge trimmers are light-weight and quiet. This guide has some useful information on maintaining your hedge trimmer. If you have a lot of particularly thick shrubs to cut through, the extra power may be a factor. After many hours of in-depth research & discussion with gardening experts and home users, we believe the Black+Decker BEHT350 is the best hedge trimmer for most situations. -Not too much to fret about when it comes to the instruction manual- clearly layed out with safety guidelines, assembly, operating and trimming instructions, maintenance tips, and more impressive is the troubleshooting steps to take when the unit doesn’t start or the blade becomes finicky. For more about how to select from the different types of hedge trimmers available, check out our hedge trimmer buying guide. This 22” hedge trimmer has the same blade length & motor size as our first choice, but is usually a bit more expensive. Greenworks 22-Inch 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer 2200102, GARCARE Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer - Electric Tree Trimmers | Branch Cutter | Hedge Shears (4.8A, 610mm Laser Cut Blade, 18mm Cutting Capacity, Rotary Handle, Blade Cover Included), Consumer Product Safety Commission website,, Electric vs Manual Hedge Trimmers - Outdoor Ideas, Corded hedge trimmer with a powerful 4 amp motor, 22-inch-long cutting bar; hardened steel blades, Easily cuts through branches up to 9/16-inch thick, 18 inch dual action hardened steel black for reduced vibration while trimming, 3.5 amp motor for trimming branches upto 5/8 inch, Lightweight, compact design is easy to use with less fatigue, 4 Amp motor to get the job done efficiently, 22" dual action steel blade for optimal performance and maneuvering, 9/16" cutting capacity perfect for bushes and shrubs. Let us know in the comments below. The difference between the HT22 and the BEHT350 is that the BEHT350 will provide more strokes per minute at 3600. But as is the rule, all good things come at a price and thus, ​dual action blades ​cost higher. Manuals and User Guides for Black & Decker HT22. Releasing the trigger turns off the tool. After many hours of in-depth research & discussion with gardening experts and home users, we believe the Black+Decker BEHT350 is the best hedge trimmer for most situations. All are conventional types as they don’t appear to have made any pole trimmers that are corded. A brand new Black & Decker HT22 should be between fifty and eighty dollars. [ DUAL-ACTION CUTTING BLADE ] Features a 610mm dual-action laser cut blade, cutting capacity of 18mm, they cut once, then catch that branch again on the way back,which means this corded... [ SAFETY ] Fitted with a blade cover this corded hedge trimmer also uses a 2 safety trigger switchsystem. The cutting capacity is slightly smaller than the HT22 (9/16 inch vs 3/4 inch). As always, prices are subject to change, so if you find this trimmer on sale, you will not regret buying it. Do you need to keep bushes, hedges or shrubs under control without back-breaking labor? -Typically electric hedge trimmers are found in the price range of $40-$100 and are rarely found over two hundred bucks. 3.8 Amp Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer, Red Ditch the ladder and shape up the shrubs Ditch the ladder and shape up the shrubs while you stand safely on solid ground with the Sun Joe Multi-Angle Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer. Black & Decker GS500 Better than the GS700? thick, so there nothing standing in your way. Two blades, i.e. Despite its heavy-duty abilities, it’s also praised as … As with all power tools, remember to be safety conscious when operating a hedge trimmer. But for dense growth and thick branches, more power will be needed for your satisfaction and the trimmer's health as well. Not to mention the power; typically battery powered cordless ones are less powerful and more so as the battery starts to wear ​out over time. BEHT350 22 in. A soft-feel grip makes this trimmer comfortable to hold while trimming. With an 18" blade, it would take significantly longer to cut a large area. Black & Decker HT22 Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch. Black & Decker back the BEHT350 with a 2 year warranty. This part is made of metal, and is used as the active cutting implement for the machine. The workhorse of the available electric hedge trimmers, this is the replacement for the old HT22, which had been our top pick since 2014. Its lightweight, compact design is easy to use and causes less user fatigue. BLACK+DECKER. (OutdoorGardenLiving)- The one important characteristic of this hedge trimmer- the dual action blade. If you need to use the trimmer more than about 150 feet away from the nearest outdoor power source, you may need to look at a cordless or gas-powered trimmer instead.​. Similar to our #2 pick, usually slightly cheaper too, The Greenworks 2200102 specifications are quite similar to our #2 pick (the Toro 51490) - same motor rating, blade length, tooth gap and weight.The 2200102 has a superior 4-year warranty (better than all the other trimmers here). It is well priced, at least as powerful as its competitors, and above all dependable.

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