faded d on kik am i blocked

How to Tell User Blocking Me on KIK Messenger App Find Out Start Group Chat 2017 Banned Prevent Stop - Duration: 1:13. The faded ‘D’ only means that the message has not bene received by the occupant as they are currently signed out of kit or haven't opened it in a while. Guest. Facebook question - i had a person blocked on facebook. How to Confirm if Someone Blocked You on Gmail #1. Question about kik status. not only does she not show as blocked anymore, but she shows up on my friend`s list without m ; Can i send a message to my friend,who blocked me from her facebook id? Answer this question . There is no way to know if you are blocked, blocking someone makes it anonymous. Well, if the reason for seeing the S is that someone has blocked you, that's far more serious. I got in a disagreement with someone on a group a few months ago and someone blocked me from the group.no problem but then every similar group in that category I got blocked from as well. Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? It means that we've sent the push notification of your message to your friend but they haven't opened the app to receive the message on their phone. Tweet. Say a friend texts you on Kik and you want to read it but not show that you’ve read it. 3. Don't confuse them. if i send a bbm, my phone shows a d (delivered) or r (received/read). I know what faded D means but will I still see a faded D if I'm blocked or a solid D? In any case, the most common reasons for the infamous stuck S on Kik are a matter of inconvenience. Part 1. Once they open the app you will see a solid D. Source(s): Kik.com. Once they open the app, you’ll see a solid D and then the R when it’s been read. Will I still see a faded D if I'm blocked on Kik messenger? If I'm blocked on kik will it still show a faded then turn to a dark after an hour or so? Say you just got a message from a friend that you want to read. 67% Upvoted. It means the user has received a push notification of your message but hasn't opened or checked the message. Do you know if blacklist are going around? Is there any way to confirm if someone blocked you on Gmail or not? So yeah, you might either be ignored or he forgot to check his kik. If your. A faded D occurs next to messages sent to iPhones. I've heard that if the D on kik stays there for too long it means you've been blocked but what if it was faded everytime a message is sent and then it turns solid What does that mean? I feel that somebody is abusing this privilege. Blocked on kik solid dor faded. Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? I know that Faded D means that they got a push message alert about the kik message so please don't tell me that! OR he might be busy o-o Free e-mail watchdog. ( it should say S

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