8 lb carpet pad

An 8-pound carpet cushion may weigh 8 pounds in a standard 3 ft by 3 ft by 3-ft cube. Also, if it’s an expensive rug, check out the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the backing breaks, the aging process of the carpet accelerates. *Scotchgard™ Protector® applies to the top film only **Fresh Dimension® blended throughout the product core ***Install Scotchgard™ Plus Carpet Cushion from Leggett & Platt® with carpet treated with Scotchgard™ Protector and 3M will extend the stain and soil warranties on the carpet … Avoid the “ELITE” foam unless you live alone or will have no guests in your home. With so many options when it comes to carpet pad weight, choosing the right poundage for your floors may often appear to be an impossible task. One advantage of carpet and padding is they insulate your home. His inexperience might end up being your loss in a big way. All of our rebond carpet pad is sold in 10 yard increments. If you read my opinion on frothed foam, you know my opinion on it: it’s a great pad material. If you have a big rug–particularly one that is partially under furniture like a table–you don’t have to worry about it slipping. You could still ask for the density, but it may not be listed. In your home, I’d expect this padding to last through two sets of carpet or more. Berber and other looped carpets may require a specific type of pad other than rebond or foam. If you are matching the hardwood then transition then carpet then nose of the step as I believe, you need to run your hardwood to a stairnose transition. On sale today. (note: I receive a small commission if you buy through Amazon, but this doesn’t affect the price you pay). Source: carpetcushion.org. Waffle rubber pad: Go for a minimum of 64 ounces. It looks nice, is soft but will break down rather quickly. As far as I’ve seen, frothed foam is rarely worth the cost. Too thick and soft of padding like you might find with rebond, could lead to sharper objects like high-heels, piercing straight through a thinner rug. Mix and match the padding you need, your choice from our different types of padding, from 5.5 lbs all the way to our 10 lb memory foam padding minimum orders of 50 rolls or more. PVC can stain the flooring beneath the rug. The difference is prime foam/standard foam has gas mixed in with the foam when it’s manufactured. yds. Choosing the best carpet padding for your home is important. So why would you not want rebond? Carpet consists of fiber woven into a backing. It’s one of the few pads that may last through two carpet installations. RUGPADUSA - Basics - 8'x10' - 1/2" Thick - 100% Felt - Protective Cushioning Rug Pad - Safe for All Floors and Finishes including Hardwoods 4.5 out of 5 stars 6,001. Compare Click to add item "Future Foam Elegant 1/2" Thick 8 lb. ft. Lancaster Carpet Pad 8 lbs 7/16″ Advanced Technologies Resilient for a long life; Nice Feel Underfoot; Sound dampening for a quieter home. STAINMASTER 12.7mm Foam Carpet Padding with Moisture Barrier. Some more firm, and some like a squishy pillow. Our environmentally friendly products will provide both comfort and the necessary durability to absorb foot traffic. Since there are pads that perform similarly at a lower cost, I don’t recommend you buy waffle rubber with your carpet. Both of these are thinner and will allow more heat to pass. This is probably what you’re getting, and you should probably take a hard pass on it. Add To List Click to add item Future Foam Elegant 1/2" Thick 8 lb. Item #590952. In most cases, rebond (see why below). But if you’re wanting padding just for a rug in your home, read on. The lower the weight of the padding, the softer or “cushier” the carpet will be, hence a 6 pound carpet padding will feel notably more cushioned than a carpet with an 8 pound padding. The higher quality of a dense carpet pad means that it has a lower chance for a need of premature replacement, and will be a better support for the carpet that rests on top of it. Fiber pads come in synthetic and natural varieties. You can pull up carpet 10 years after its installed and the rubber pad will look the same in high traffic areas as it did new. But to find out more on how much you should pay for your specific padding features, check out our carpet and padding pricing page. Or what if the store just doesn’t care or do a good job of training their salesman? Generally, with rugs, you want a felt pad, a rubber pad, or a mix of felt and rubber. Memory foam padding is no different. Carpet Cushion. If you’re installing carpet, you can skip this section. Quick view Compare. There’s a lot of bold marketing statements out there for carpet padding. Our 7/16 Quest Pad is 8 lb. It’s not much more money to get 8lb pad vs 6lbs, and it will hold up much better under your carpet. Have you ever stepped on a memory foam mat? Foam pad doesn’t hold up. The carpet is cut and stapled (finished) under the stairnose. It’s that simple (I’ll explain more on why early this article). The biggest is using moisture barrier padding for pet urine. One is if you have slab rubber or frothed foam pad. The asphalt is the “face” of the bridge. Carpet Pad 30 sqyd/roll Part Number: CARPADFOR7_16. Won’t let your dog damage your floor. There are only a couple of situations where foam pad is acceptable for your house: rooms you don’t use and areas where you don’t need the carpet to last more than 4 years. Let me know in the comments below. The range for ounces isn’t as straightforward because you usually only see it listed with fiber or rubbers pads, and these have completely different durability properties. If you have slab rubber (not to be confused with waffle rubber… see above if you don’t know the difference), it most likely can be reused. Flat rubber is expensive, so consider it a luxury for most homeowners. Then you know how comfortable it is. This is a problem if you have radiant heat. They let you filter by size, and you can see what other owners think of them, and what rugs they’ve had success with–click here to check them out. So if frothed pad is so durable, what’s the trade-off? There are a wide variety of weights or pounds for carpet pad ranging from very light (6 pounds) to very dense (22 pounds). But at the end of the day, do any of these claims hold up? Carter’s Carpet Restoration4911 Windplay Dr #1A,El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, El Dorado Hills: (916) 933-7807Placerville: (530) 642-9003, © 2019  Carters Carpet Restoration  |  XML Sitemap | Privacy Policy, Learn The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Fiber Area Rugs. I’ll let you in on the biggest mistake carpet shoppers make when it comes to padding… they squeeze it. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'carpetcaptain_com-leader-2','ezslot_7',166,'0','0']));Your choices are basically standard padding or moisture barrier padding. There is a standard by which the sound-deadening properties of construction materials such as carpet padding is measured. Probably not a good idea. Item #1157141 Model #BU2478 It’s usually pretty simple because most carpets call for 7/16″ pad. Density Rebond Carpet Pad" to the compare list. Stanton Carpet Havana Cloud Pricing Dwf Truehardwoods Com -> Source : www.truehardwoods.com Future foam 1 2 in thick 6 lb density carpet cushion 150553656 trafficmaster 6 7 16 in thick lb density rebond carpet pad memory foam moisture barrier carpet pad cushion utah contractor 5 16 in thick 8 lb density carpet pad for online Do not get the 6 lb green/blue with just a black matting on top unless it is a rental and you are going to change it out in a year or 2. An even surface is critical for rugs–this means no waffle padding, and if you’re laying the rug on an uneven surface like carpet, you need even firmer padding. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'carpetcaptain_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',163,'0','0']));Density is typically measured in pounds (per cubic foot) but sometimes you’ll see it listed as ounces (per square yard). In fact, it might even be worse for your home. That’s where the bridge structure comes in. So how do they do it? This number will dictate how stiff the carpet will be, as well as determine how long the carpet padding will last. Eliminates pet odor. Leggett & Platt 11.11mm Rebond Carpet Padding with Moisture Barrier. What if he’s new and hasn’t learned how important padding is yet? For more information, see our complete terms of use. Wool, Felt, Fiber and Rubber padding densities are generally rated in ounces. I am looking at the pads that Lowes sells and they don’t list the lbs. This padding may not come with a moisture barrier or Pet Urine Protection (PUP), but it adds that extra comfort for your feet. You’ll learn how to choose carpet padding: Want an installer to help you buy your carpet and pad? Moisture Barrier Backing Carpet Padding. Magnum – 8 lb and ¼” thick. The important thing is you need to check your warranty. But in other cases,  you may overpay if you buy rebond. Should I just stick with the “upgrade,” or ask for a redo? Stainmaster select (purpleish) rebond. However, this isn’t always the case.Short-pile and Berber carpets often call for a thinner pad. $59.00 per roll. The carpet gets wavy, and the fibers look worn. Skip to the end of the images … In some cases, going with a rebond pad will even void your warranty! Not understanding the question. The 7/16 8 lb rebond carpet pad is only made from repurposed high density foams. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Most are synthetic now, and you should go with synthetic in most cases. The percentage of successful carpet warranty claims is extremely low (meaning both people don’t go through the hassle and/or when they do the manufacturer finds a way out of it). Lighter carpet padding can be more cost efficient, however it may not last as long. An 8-pound padding is less spongy and is stiffer to walk on than a 6-pound pad, which is a bit more spongier underfoot. The good news is it’s a decision that will pay off for years. If it doesn’t call for it, I don’t see an advantage in fiber pad. Rebond pad: Density is 5-10lbs. thick 8 lb. Rubber usually avoid this. Follow Carpet Captain on Pinterest for more flooring ideas and tips! There are a few options for padding if you have a pet urine problem. $50.00. Higher weighted carpet pad is necessary for a carpet that endures heavy use whereas lighter padding may be a better option for an area that does not receive as much wear. Click to add item "Future Foam Elegant 1/2" Thick 8 lb. 7/16" Quest 8 lb. Other names: synthetic felt, felt pad, jute Side note: the densities I just recommended are for standard rebond pad. So, what does the weight or poundage associated with carpet padding really mean? Masterbond – 8 lb density and 1/2” thick. The reason? But it will likely be more comfortable, so if you’re going all-in on comfort, it’s still a pad to consider. Slab rubber pad: Usually comes in 18-22lbs. At Carter’s Carpet Restoration we offer 100% free estimates! 33. Some of these, especially fiber pad, may grade the durability “high,” “medium,” “low.” In this case, you would just have to trust that it is accurate. The Best Floor Underlayment With Carpet for Noise Reduction. But it doesn’t matter how great the asphalt is if there’s no support beneath it. Go for a minimum of 6lb if durability is important Let’s compare carpet and padding to a bridge.Both bridges and carpet have to hold up to traffic whether its cars or feet. Let’s start with the bridge…. (hopefully, as more and more people try memory foam, I’ll be able to give a more definite opinion on performance–at least with certain brands). I very rarely recommend re-using pad–only in specific cases (a good slab rubber may be an exception). If you have any questions, please call 1-800-922-5582. We do our best to provide unbiased, honest, and up-to-date information to help you with your carpet purchase. Same with the flooring beneath–certain pads can damage the flooring you lay it on, so make sure the manufacturer doesn’t forbid certain rugs. Rebond is the sweet spot for most homeowners. They are advertised by thickness. Warmth: A basement carpet pad will help hold off the feeling of cold and dampness that concrete basement floors can transfer.The feeling of cold has always been one of the biggest drawbacks of concrete floors, especially in the basement. These might work. However, I will say this: I don’t think memory foam will perform better than a high-quality rebond pad. Let’s start with why padding is important. An 8-pound padding is less spongy and is stiffer to walk on than a 6-pound pad, which is a bit more spongier underfoot.6-pound padding is usually dense enough for use with most residential carpet and falls within most carpet manufacturers' warranty guidelines. One last note: many cheaper pads are made of PVC. Then you don’t have it.) The salesperson recommended the Nike Step Ahead Pad, 0000-963-412, because it would be better than the more expensive Future Foam Tempur pad. But since it is so durable, if you find a great deal, you should consider it. Terry Hoppe, my carpet installer, is explaining this as he installs new pad in our new pad. Average Cost of Carpet Padding and Installation. Frothed foam does not. If you care about the flooring beneath, you may consider a different type of pad. Our general recommendation is to use a 7/16" 8 lb. This is why it’s always important to do your homework, and it’s even more important if your carpet retailer doesn’t have a  great reputation. This padding literally looks like a waffle (yum… waffles), and the pockets (that I like to fill up with syrup in my waffle) make this not as durable as slab rubber. There’s not extra profit in giving the customer a thicker or thinner pad. The Carpet Cushion/Pad you Choose is just as important as the Carpet itself. Point you make is valid, but I advise people not to base decisions on warranties. Don’t confuse frothed foam with a standard foam pad. Description - Shaw's Charity carpet padding is a top selling cushion that features memory foam comfort and moisture barrier for the ultimate clean carpet. The cost to add carpet padding for a standard 9 by 9 square foot room falls between $185 and $425.The average is $3.75 per square foot with labor and all materials included. The most important reason is if your carpet warranty calls for something else. Interested in partnering with Carpet Captain to help our readers? Memory foam squishes. Pounds and ounces, in this case, are completely different measurements and can’t be compared directly (it’s not just a 1lb = 16 oz conversion). Other names: prime urethane, foam pad Read this guide to make sure you don’t pay for features you don’t need. In addition to adding comfort and protection from moisture, Empire Today’s padding has various beneficial features: Feel free to. $70.86. Carpet Express also stocks many inexpensive pads that are equipped with moisture barriers that prevent spills from reaching the subfloor. 164 roll available. Serving Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Cameron Park & Surrounding Areas, Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sat: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Sunday: Closed, El Dorado Hills: (916) 933-7807 Placerville: (530) 642-9003. Here is a full list of densities by pad type: Foam pad: Density is typically 2-5lbs. bonded carpet cushion designed for both residential and commercial use. Not only are they different, but they’re actually at opposite ends of the padding spectrum. rebond pad for residential cut-pile carpet, a 3/8" 8 lb. For many people, the best carpet pad is a 7/16″, 8-pound rebond pad. Visit the post for more. And when you go back to our bridge analogy, that means your carpet doesn’t hold up. Call us or complete our quote form. Rugs require different padding than carpet. Some padding types are rated in ounces instead of pounds. Likewise, a denser carpet padding results in a more stiff surface to walk on. This is often true with loop carpets, so be especially careful there. Compare; Find My Store. Choosing the right carpet padding is super-important, because your family’s comfort and your carpet’s durability depend on it. A good quality waffle rubber pad is similar in durability to rebond but costs more. Who knew there was so much to consider when choosing carpet padding? (Sorry.) for pricing and availability. But this goes back to the bridge analogy (I’m getting more use out of this analogy than I thought). 90 oz is preferred. Carter’s Carpet Restoration is a local, family run business that takes pride in their cleaning and their customer service. It depends on your situation, so below I give you the pros and cons of each to figure out which will work best in your home. Sometimes the canned answers don’t work. With that said, if you find an amazing deal (going out of business sale, installer trying to dump excess, etc), have some lying around, or know someone that wants to get rid of it, it does make perfectly capable carpet padding. Click here to enter your zip code and get free quotes from 3 top installers in your area. This leads to thick, low-density foam padding. (Don’t know what radiant heat is? carpet pad and is an excellent option for any residential area. weight was rolled over fibers 20,000 times. The asphalt has to be durable, or it will have holes and need to be repaved frequently. Both light and dense carpet pads hold their own unique pros and cons, choosing the right one for you will require you to take a look at your own personal needs as well as the benefits of the different carpet pad weight. Just like in carpet, if you love your rug, support it by not cheaping out on the pad. Frothed foam is newer and unlikely you’ll be able to tell the difference in it and normal foam, so let’s skip this one. This makes it great support for Berber, and other carpets that call for fiber pad in their warranty. Can I make up that difference with a 7/16 pad and a thick carpet? why the most dangerous thing you can do is blindly trust the salesman, why many people choose the wrong pad thickness, types of carpet padding and pros and cons for each, best padding for special cases like cat urine and more. I’d imagine the two pads will perform similarly. But this doesn’t always work and can sometimes make things worse. Any excessive use or pressure on certain areas of carpet will require a heavier carpet padding. Best Prices By Phone - 1-800-535-8789 | Special Financing! In other words, the carpet needs the padding to hold up. This will give you the most professionally finished look.

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